S Line Fat Burning Injection (5*5ml)


S LINE is an enhanced edition of “V LINE Asolution” (Fat Lipolysis) with additional new active ingredients on the basis of its core ingredients and the manufacturer has also increased the concentration of its core active ingredients. It is completely effect-oriented and complements the effects of the original V LINE. The product was released on November 2017 with FDA approval.
S-line (a korean term for the ideal body shape). South Korea has been swept up in “alphabetization,” or the grouping of (mostly female) bodies into shapes based on letters from the Roman alphabet. There is the S-line—“ample breasts and buttocks when viewed from the side”—and the X-line—“long legs and arms connected by a narrow waist.” The S-line Solution removes fat cell and cellulite more effectively without causing bruising and swelling and gives you a slimmer appearance in short time. S Line can be injected into different body parts as well as double chin.
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