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In the Cutis Medical cosmetology store, we offer high-quality anesthesia products designed to ensure maximum comfort during various cosmetic treatments. Our anesthetics are developed with a focus on efficacy, safety, and fulfilling your client’s needs.

One of our standout products is the MC. Anestesic Emulsion (100ml.).

Its composition includes water 68%, lidocaine 15%, hydrogenated castor oil 8%, carbomer 5%, procaine 5%, and sodium hydroxide 2%.

We recommend this product because it swiftly delivers reliable anesthesia within minutes after application.

Proven ingredients: We adhere to the highest safety standards, providing certified products with good composition.

Professional cosmetologists frequently use various anesthesia options for different cosmetic procedures to ensure optimal comfort for their patients.

Types of anesthesia for cosmetological treatments include:

Lidocaine creams: creams containing lidocaine are often used for pre-anesthesia before injection procedures with fillers or Botox.

Gels and emulsions: gels and emulsions can be used for local anesthesia before laser treatments.

Anesthetic sprays: sprays are often used for numbing the skin before minor procedures such as injections.

Topical patches: these patches may contain anesthetics and be used for prolonged anesthesia.

Infiltration anesthesia: infiltration injections of anesthetic can be used for local anesthesia in specific areas.

The choice of anesthesia depends on the type of procedure, patient preferences, and the expertise of the cosmetologist. It’s crucial to know that use of anesthetics requires strict adherence to instructions and safe practices. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and adhere to medical standards.

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