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Lipolytic Mesotherapy

Alidya (5pcs.*10ml.)


Lipolytic Mesotherapy

Aqualyx (10pcs*8ml)

290.00 261.00

Lipolytic Mesotherapy

Caregen. Prostrolane Inner-B 2*2ml


Acne Scars Treatment

Guna-Collagen (10pcs.*2ml.)


Mesotherapy by Cutis Medical

Mesotherapy is a modern cosmetic procedure, which includes intradermal micro-injections into problem areas of the skin with biologically active products. The microneedle and injected substances stimulate the skin and provide a visible effect.

How does mesotherapy work?

The term “mesotherapy” was created by Michel Pistor and is formed from two words: therapy – which means treatment, and meso – the middle.

Mesotherapy includes two main processes and working principles:

The first principle is based on the action of the administered products (pharmacological), which can be divided into two separate groups:

— Therapeutic products (basic) help to cope with the main pathological processes that caused the problem.

— Auxiliary products – microelements, peptides, vitamins, and various other biologically active substances, which are very helpful in improving metabolism.

The second principle is the mechanism that comes from the microtrauma that occurs during the injection itself. It triggers the body’s natural regeneration processes. Blood flow and tissue improvement are the body’s natural responses to any injury or inflammation.

Our online cosmetology store offers a wide range of the newest and best mesotherapy products for cosmetologists, among them:

Caregen. Prostrolane Blanc-B 2*2ml

A peptide complex that will help the skin cope with environmental influences and produce enough of its own collagen and elastin fibers.

Cindella Whitening Injection (SET: Luthione + Cindella + Vitamin C)

The unique development of the plastic surgery clinic in South Korea has already been appreciated by many specialists. The visible effect appears very quickly. The skin elasticity and firmness increase, pigmentation and post-acne decrease, immunity becomes stronger, and the processes of cleansing the body are activated.

Love Cosmedical. DesoFace (5 vials*10ml)

The lipolytic composition successfully dissolves local fat deposits in the face and neck. Sodium deoxycholate (0.5%) emulsifies adipocytes, caffeine promotes lipid catabolism. Horseradish has a decongestant effect.

MC DNA Gel (5*5ml)

Product with excellent moisturizing and antioxidant action. It protects cell membranes from oxidative degradation. Helps restore connective tissue and renew dead cells, and stimulates healing processes.

Important benefits of hyaluronic acid mesotherapy

The most important advantage is the ability to directly deliver the product to the desired area. This feature allows you to get the best effect with a minimum concentration of the active substance. The second important advantage of mesotherapy is the short duration of the procedure. Mesotherapy procedures take about one hour. It is necessary to repeat the procedure on average 1 time per week. External products need to be applied regularly, more often. You need to apply cosmetic or medical products, do wraps, masks, and other important procedures at home as well.

The visible effect of mesotherapy after the first application

A long-lasting and more effective result from mesotherapy is achieved due to the deposition effect. Mesotherapy always takes place only on an outpatient basis and is very often supplemented by various modern technologies of aesthetic medicine.

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