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Blackheads & Enlarged Pores

Fillmed | Balance Booster (3 bottles*10ml)

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Blackheads & Enlarged Pores

Instytutum. Flawless Pads 60 pcs.


Blackheads & Enlarged Pores

​Instytutum. Power Bundle.


Many girls experience the phenomenon of hyperpigmentation of the skin. These spots can be light brown or dark brown. The cause of hyperpigmentation is an impairment of the melanin pigment synthesis. Melanin is a natural pigment that protects the skin from UV radiation. Cells that actively produce melanin are called melanocytes. Without adequate protection, exposure to UV rays damages melanocytes. As a result, the production of melanin is disrupted, which ultimately leads to the appearance of pigment and age spots.

Tips for preventing the appearance of age spots

A high-quality protective cream and light skin-covering clothing made from natural fabrics will protect you from UV radiation and prevent the appearance of age spots.

How to get rid of age spots?

The Cutis Medical online cosmetics store offers you a wide range of anti-pigmentation products that you can use to brighten your skin. Special ingredients in the composition of these anti-pigmentation products can brighten existing spots and prevent the appearance of new ones. Active brightening ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layers, they even out skin tone and prevent new pigmentation.

Age spots may not bother you until they begin to bring aesthetic discomfort. Some people do not pay attention to them, while in others, age spots can be more intense and attract unwanted attention.

Anti-pigmentation cosmetic products and their characteristics

More often, pigmentation affects women aged 35-60 years. Age spots can cause quite a lot of emotional discomfort, as they often occur simultaneously with the appearance of wrinkles or other manifestations of skin aging. According to cosmetologists, it is not easy to get rid of age spots, and it is unlikely that you will be able to completely get rid of dark pigmentation, but you can brighten them. It is easier to prevent their appearance from a young age. Take care of your skin, use sunscreen. Our specialists can help you choose the right sun protection products. You can find a wide range of anti-pigmentation products on the pages of our online store. We only have certified cosmetic products from well-known manufacturers for professional use and personal care at home.

What is the difference between such cosmetic anti-pigmentation products as creams and serums? Different types of cosmetic products are recommended for different stages of pigment formation. The composition of anti-pigmentation products includes kojic acid, vitamin C, azelaic acid, and arbutin. The main mechanism of action of these components is to suppress the enzyme tyrosinase, which is actively involved in pigment production.

You can order anti-pigmentation products on our website or by contacting our company managers, who will tell you more about cosmetic products and help you make an order with international delivery.

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