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Antioxidant mesotherapy

Products that are used in modern cosmetology systems for rejuvenation contain antioxidants. For many decades, scientists around the world have been studying the effects on the body and the characteristics of these substances. Currently, the effectiveness of antioxidants has been studied, and they are widely used in aesthetic medicine. Mesotherapy can be considered the leader of all cosmetic procedures, as it uses the full potential of these substances.

In this section of our online store, we offer a wide selection of antioxidants for beauty industry professionals. To order an antioxidant at the best price with international shipping, you just need to register and log in on our website, and special prices for professionals will become available to you.

Among the many products containing antioxidants, we would like to recommend you:

MC Glutathione 1500 UI (5*5ml)

Mesotherapy product with amazing whitening effect. Glutathione promotes cell renewal. It has efficient depigmenting and antioxidant properties. It is used for fatigued skin, to prevent the appearance of signs of aging, and to eliminate hyperpigmentation and signs of photoaging.

Meso-Xanthin F199 (1*1.5ml)

It is an injectable product from a group of bioreparants. It can be used for intensive “anti-age” therapy, and prevention of skin aging. It can eliminate age-related changes that have already appeared.

Toskani. TKN HA Oligovit (5*5ml.)

Revitalizing complex for oily skin, containing vitamins and minerals.

Promoitalia. UpGrade 1pcs x 10ml ( 3pcs in box)

A new effective mesococktail for anti-aging therapy of the neck, décolleté, face, and hands.

The role of oxidative processes in the aging of the body

The amount of natural oxidation products in the human body increases with age. At the same time, the amount of biological antioxidants is rapidly decreasing. At the cellular level, the lack of natural antioxidants leads to damage to macromolecules. Many scientists believe that this is an important factor in aging.

Natural antioxidant protection can be weakened not only by age-related changes but also by external factors: ultraviolet radiation, insufficient physical activity, stress, excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fats, genetic predisposition, and other negative factors.

The rejuvenating effect of antioxidant mesotherapy

Antioxidant products are a key ingredient in modern anti-aging skin care. Antioxidant mesotherapy will only be effective with high-quality and suitable products. You can buy these products at the Cutis Medical store. For a high-quality mesotherapy procedure, it is necessary to choose the right clinic and a cosmetologist with sufficient experience, knowledge, and a lot of practice (who is competent in this area).

A professional cosmetologist will apply special mesotherapy cocktails with different types of antioxidants, the properties of which make an excellent combination. Injectable products that are administered into problem areas demonstrate their anti-aging, and therapeutic effects much faster than, for example, cosmetic products with similar composition.

To achieve the best result, the cosmetologist selects the entire skin care system individually for you: the concentration of the cocktail and its composition.

Indications for this procedure may be acne and post-acne, age-related changes, hyperpigmentation, signs of skin photoaging, and other problems.

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