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Platelet-Rich Plasma

Kaizen. PRP Kit. Rein PRP DUO


Platelet-Rich Plasma

Kaizen. Rein PRP Single


Platelet-Rich Plasma



Platelet-Rich Plasma

T-LAB PRP TUBES (2*10 ml.)


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T-LAB PRX tubes (24 pcs/box)


Platelet-Rich Plasma

Vacusera PRP tube SET


Platelet-Rich Plasma

Vacusera PRP tube SET with Gel


Plasmalifting by Cutis Medical

Every modern woman wants to look perfect. For many women, an important goal is to look young and fresh. Unfortunately, the aging processes that occur in the human body affect its well-being and appearance.

Many scientists around the world are developing different methods to prolong the beauty of women. Plasmаlifting is one of these modern procedures. Plasmalifting has no age restrictions. This method has shown high efficiency in skin rejuvenation and healing.

What is plasmаlifting?

Plasma therapy or plasmаlifting is an injection procedure for a significant tightening and rejuvenation of the skin of the face. This procedure also helps to improve hair growth and hair structure. The effect of plasmalifting occurs due to the regeneration of skin cells and tissues. A plasma solution enriched with platelets, which were obtained from the patient’s blood, is injected into areas of the skin where it has lost its beauty and elasticity. Plasmalifting prevents infections, promotes the regeneration of damaged skin surfaces, and does not require the use of any medication.

Plasmalifting in cosmetology

Plasmalifting is very popular in cosmetology because the client’s own biological fluid is used for the procedure. This significantly reduces the risk of allergies and side effects. To get the best effect, you need to use high-quality cosmetic products and complete a full course of plasmalifting.

Cutis Medical offers all beauty industry professionals the following products for plasmalifting:


Vacusera PRP tube SET with Gel

The number of procedures required for the client should be determined by a professional cosmetologist after consultation. Plasmalifting in cosmetology is used to eliminate superficial scars, reduce the severity of wrinkles, to eliminate hyperpigmentation and swelling of facial contours. After several plasmalifting procedures, lipid metabolism will already be normalized, and as a result, the patient will have a healthier skin tone, and the problem of dry or oily skin will significantly improve.

Indications for plasmаlifting

This procedure is indicated for skin rejuvenation and restoration when there are signs of skin aging. The procedure can help solve the following problems:

— skin sagging

— severe pigmentation

— visible skin wrinkles

— loose skin

— problems with facial contours

— visible stretch marks

— increased oiliness of the skin, and as a result, pimples and acne

Plasmalifting is used to saturate the cells with oxygen. It restores their structure and improves and stimulates their growth. After plasmаlifting, the skin becomes smoother and cleaner, the skin tone becomes more even, and the contours of your face become clearer.

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