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Cutis Medical – online store of professional cosmetics

Cutis Medical – international online store for beauty industry professionals. We have been providing beauty products from the best manufacturers and suppliers all over the world for over 10 years!

The range of products in Cutis Medical includes highly effective cosmetic products and equipment for aesthetic medicine. We represent products from both famous brands and lesser-known manufacturers with high-quality products. We regularly expand our product range with new products, and we also often have special offers and sales.

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You can have a consultation with Cutis Medical beautician to find the perfect product for your skin.


We recommend:

115.00 95.00
55.00 45.00
55.00 40.00


DERMAREN Lumi 10.0

119.00 86.00
185.00 150.00
185.00 150.00
195.00 160.00
78.00 65.00

Prof. care – Biorevitalization:



Nithya. Body (1pc*200ml)



Jalupro HMW (1pcs*1ml)


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Pers. care – Cleansing:


Join us! We regularly publish interesting cosmetology workshops and information about new products that you can buy from our shop.

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Professional cosmetology online store Cutis Medical

Professional cosmetic products and equipment online store for stylists and masters. The modern beauty industry is developing very rapidly. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding, so professionals need to keep their fingers on the pulse and keep up with trends and innovations in the beauty industry.

Cutis Medical is an online store of professional cosmetics. Our store has all categories of cosmetic products.

There are many online stores of professional cosmetics for the face and body with extensive product lines, from creams and masks to injectable products. In our online store Cutis Medical, in addition to professional cosmetics, you can easily choose personal care products for yourself.

Cosmetologists can choose and buy professional cosmetics according to their taste and budget.

Cutis Medical is an online store of professional cosmetics in Estonia, which was created over 10 years ago for professional cosmetologists. Here you will find products for face and body, cosmeceuticals, fillers, products for mesotherapy and plasma lifting, mesothreads, peels, etc. We offer a wide range of professional cosmetics for beauty salons and personal use. Only original products from the best cosmetic brands in the world. All products in the catalog have European quality certificates.

Every cosmetic procedure very often requires not only good equipment but also professional cosmetics.

One of the important indicators of the high quality of cosmetics is the number of active ingredients that correct skin imperfections under certain conditions. Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you with the choice of products. Cutis Medical delivers products anywhere in the world!

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