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BioReHydra 30ml



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Fillmed | Balance Booster (3 bottles*10ml)


Order therapeutic cosmetics in the Cutis Medical store

Cosmeceuticals are a type of therapeutic cosmetics. Cosmeceutical products are made from pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients, and natural components.

Cosmeceutical products are on the borderline between pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. You can not consider these products as simple hand and face creams.

Cosmeceutical products not only eliminate the external imperfections of the skin but most importantly, by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin, they treat the cause. Therapeutic cosmetics can successfully treat dermatological conditions such as eczema, age spots, acne, and seborrhea. They can help reduce wrinkles, eliminate skin dehydration, remove oily shine, and eliminate nail and hair brittleness.

Cosmeceutical products do not contain antibiotics or preservatives. They contain only natural antioxidants, thermal water, natural enzymes, and plant extracts.

Cosmeceuticals treat the skin and improve its health, and not just help hide problems. Cosmeceutical products contain more active natural substances. We recommend that you consult with your cosmetologist or dermatologist and show them our website so that they can help to choose the right product for you. Cosmeceutical products do not cause allergies and can be used painlessly on problematic skin. They do not contain fragrances, dyes, and harmful preservatives.

The main types of cosmeceuticals are:

— Therapeutic cosmetics for body care

— Therapeutic cosmetics for hair care

— Cosmeceutical products for rejuvenation

— Cosmeceutical products for deep cleansing

— Therapeutic cosmetics for hands and feet

You can always find these products in the online store of cosmeceutical products Cutis Medical. You also have the opportunity to get consultation through the website’s online chat. Our store offers international delivery.

Cosmeceutical products from Cutis Medical for a beauty company

All professional cosmetic procedures in salons necessarily require the use of professional cosmetic products. Therefore, it is crucially important for a cosmetologist to use only the highest quality professional products in their work.

We work with the best cosmetologists from all over the world, spas, and beauty salons. We have developed special conditions and special prices with discounts on products for professionals. You just need to register on our website, and you will see discounted prices for many products.

We recommend you follow us on social media, as we constantly update our catalog of brands. Today we cooperate with more than 120 best cosmetic brands in the world. We have different groups of cosmeceutical products on our website, such as serums, patches, creams, balms, gels, extracts, sprays, ointments, and other high-quality products for your health and beauty.

We are always open to cooperation and offer only high-quality, licensed cosmeceutical products.

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