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Skincare for sensitive skin at home

The online store of cosmetic products Cutis Medical offers a wide range of products for different skin types. The range includes products for both professional use and personal care.

The most demanding skin type is sensitive skin. This type of skin reacts very sharply to any stress, weather conditions. Intense external influence can easily provoke redness, a feeling of tightening, flaking, rashes.

Why Skin Can Be Sensitive

Hypersensitivity of the skin occurs under the influence of the following factors:

1. hormonal disorders

2. the amount of consumed liquid and the food quality

3. genetic predisposition

4. ecological environment

5. chronic fatigue and stress

6. wrong choice of cosmetic products

Any skin type can react to various factors in the form of rashes, redness, flaking, but it is the sensitive skin type that reacts to these factors more often and faster. Only a professional cosmetologist will help develop the right treatment strategy for oily or sensitive skin. However, personal care products will help maintain the desired effect after cosmetic procedures.

In the process of choosing cosmetic products for sensitive skin, it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics: the state of the pores, the activity of the sebaceous glands, the level of dehydration, the thickness of the skin, the presence of rosacea (enlarged capillaries), the presence of hyperpigmentation areas, changes in sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, the presence of inflammatory processes.

Sensitive skin: skincare routine at home

Our online beauty store Cutis Medical offers you a wide range of products for sensitive skin. You can easily choose something using the convenient filter option on the website. Also, our managers can help with choosing products and quickly place an order. International shipping makes it possible to receive certified products of high quality wherever you are.

Characteristics of skincare for sensitive skin at home

Skincare for dry and sensitive skin

In this case, it is necessary to pay special attention to hydration and restoration. This type of skin requires very delicate care, as it is important not to damage the upper layer of the epidermis, but to make it more elastic and more resistant to external influences. We recommend choosing cosmetic products with oils, vitamins, and micronutrients in the composition. It is necessary to be careful when choosing and pay attention to the composition so that the product does not contain components that you are allergic to.

Skincare for sensitive skin with rosacea

Personal care products should be gentle. It is necessary to use anti-couperose products that have a moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect. The active ingredients in the composition can strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which helps prevent damage to new skin areas. Those who want to radically eliminate star-shaped spots should undergo a professional course of photorejuvenation treatment and phototherapy.

Skincare for oily sensitive skin

With this type of skin, it is very important to reduce the tendency to inflammatory processes, reduce oiliness, and reduce sensitivity.

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