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Cosmetology Equipment

Aespio. MultiShape


Cosmetology Equipment

Aespio. Plasma Pro


Cosmetology Equipment

Aespio. Rejuve





Cosmetology Equipment

Korust. Celleon


Cosmetology Equipment

Korust. Utimas A3


Cosmetology Equipment

Korust. Utims mini


Cosmetology Equipment

MC Meso Gun / Beauty machine


Cosmetology Equipment

MC Skin Analyser / Beauty machine


Consumables. Consumable products

MC. Cleaning_roller (200ml)


Cosmetology Equipment

MC. Dermapen


Cosmetology Equipment

N. 5D Hifu Machine


Cosmetology Equipment

N. Cryo 360 fat freezing slimming.


Cosmetology Equipment

N. Fractional RF Microneedle.


Cosmetology Equipment



Cosmetology Equipment

N. V-Shape Cellulite Destroyer.


Equipment & Tools

T-LAB PRX tubes (24 pcs/box)


Equipment & Tools

Thermostat BioSan


Cosmetology Equipment

Toskanicosmetics. Mesoject gun

3,800.00 2,500.00

Equipment & Tools

UV lamp 38/58W


Cosmetology equipment

Nowadays, hardware cosmetology is very popular and in great demand. It is a comprehensive approach consisting of therapeutic and rejuvenating procedures that are carried out by professional cosmetologists. These cosmetic procedures involve the use of special equipment to achieve the best result.

The effectiveness of cosmetic hardware procedures using equipment has already been scientifically proven. Not even the most expensive beauty product can be compared with hardware procedures. Hardware cosmetology affects the deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

These procedures allow you to achieve the anti-aging or healing effect at the cellular level. These procedures activate the natural processes of regeneration, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Most procedures with special cosmetology equipment impress with their versatility and quick results.

Cosmetology equipment is becoming more and more popular among SPA salons and aesthetic medicine centers.

Hardware cosmetology is quite common, as it includes a wide range of procedures to recover, improve and maintain a youthful appearance and freshness of the skin, as well as to shape and correct the figure.

Online cosmetology store “Сutis medical” offers you a wide range of equipment: thermostats, dermarollers, ultraviolet lamps, centrifuges, and devices for cosmetology.

Dermoroller, for example, Enpitsu Derma Pen Kit is a special device for dermatological cosmetic procedures. It looks like a pen and has a head with sterilized replaceable titanium needles. It shows impressive results without any discomfort or side effects. Thanks to the micro-perforation process, this tool allows the active ingredients to penetrate the dermis and get the best result.

Centrifuges such as the T-Lab Centrifuge S-106 are designed for use in PRP, SVF, and PRF procedures. The perfect balancing of the centrifuge prevents shaking during the centrifugation process so that other blood cells do not interfere with the PRP content, and it also prevents unwanted errors in cell concentration.

Cosmetic devices, for example, Aespio. MultiShape provides intensive lipoplasty and facelift with optimized professional care. The patented technology allows you to control the level of suction and release, increasing the effectiveness of the procedure by increasing the movement of selected areas. MultiShape Mini effectively treats different face and body areas with 3 different applicator sizes. To achieve the best positive effect, cosmetologists carry out procedures using cosmeceutical, cosmetic or medicinal products that can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin due to cosmetology devices.

Thermostats, for example, the PT Plasmolifting Gel thermostat are specially designed for long-term incubation in various temperature ranges. This thermostat is perfect for injectable rejuvenation techniques.

You can find a wide range of cosmetology equipment with a variety of functions on the pages of our online store. All cosmetic products and equipment meet all modern safety and quality requirements.

Cosmetology equipment and hardware cosmetology is an actively expanding segment of the beauty industry. Treatments with cosmetology equipment in beauty salons can offer a wide range of services that will satisfy the growing demands of customers. Modern cosmetology equipment for beauty salons and medical centers in our online store “Cutis medical” meets the requirements of the field of cosmetology.

Our consultants are ready to help you in choosing the equipment.

Special equipment in the cosmetologist’s cabinet allows you to carry out popular and effective procedures. We also offer you a wide range of professional cosmetology products from the world’s best manufacturers, which cosmetologists can order on special favorable terms. You can find a wide selection of high-quality cosmetic products for professional care and skin care at home in our online store.

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