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Chemi-Pharm. Bacticid 5.000ml


Consumables. Consumable products

Chemi-Pharm. Bacticid AF 1.000ml


Consumables. Consumable products

Chemi-Pharm. Chemisept Hand Des 100ml / 500ml


Consumables. Consumable products

Chemi-Pharm. Chemisept Spray 250ml


Consumables. Consumable products

Chemi-Pharm. Sterisept Wipes 120pcs.


Consumables. Consumable products

MC. Cleaning_roller (200ml)


Cosmetologists in their professional practice actively use antiseptics to uphold safety standards and prevent infections. Antiseptics are crucial for sanitizing the skin, tools, and work surfaces.

We suggest considering the following antiseptics available in our store:

MC. Cleaning_roller (200ml). This product effectively cleanses the skin due to its potent components.

Chemi-Pharm. Bacticid 5.000ml. A ready-to-use solution is ideal for swiftly disinfecting alcohol-resistant equipment surfaces.

Various types of antiseptics for professional cosmetology:

Antiseptic wipes or sprays: Offering convenience and rapid action, these products can sanitize the skin surface before procedures or can be used for instrument sterilization.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizing gels: Formulated with alcohol-based antiseptics, these gels swiftly disinfect hands, particularly useful in settings where access to water and soap is limited.

Antiseptic solutions: Solutions like chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide can be used for pre-procedure skin preparation.

Instrument disinfectants: Specialized antiseptics designed for instrument sterilization play a crucial role in maintaining sterility in the working environment.

Antiseptic oils and creams: Some antiseptics are incorporated into oils or creams intended for application before massage or other procedures.

Alcohol solutions: High-alcohol content solutions, such as isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, can be used for treating various surfaces and instruments.

When utilizing antiseptics, it is important to adhere to proper disinfection protocols, follow manufacturer instructions, and uphold safety and sterility standards to mitigate the risk of infections and ensure optimal conditions for procedures.

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