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The skincare routine plays a huge role in comprehensive skin care. Couperosis and rosacea are among the most common cosmetological problems. Externally, these conditions manifest themselves in the form of vascular “stars” or vascular “spiders” with a pronounced coarsening of the skin, inflammatory processes, and hyperemia. Laser treatments can help completely get rid of these problems. Sometimes just a couple of sessions are enough.

At first glance, these problems are outwardly similar, but the treatment methods are different. Rosacea is a chronic lesion of the skin with severe symptoms, such as rashes, redness, itching. Couperosis is a condition in which the elasticity of blood vessels decreases. As a result, the vessels expand significantly and become noticeable in the form of capillary stars and redness.

Couperosis is a loss of elasticity of the vascular walls, due to which the vessels expand excessively and appear on the surface of the skin with redness and capillary stars. Our online beauty store Cutis Medical offers you a wide range of professional and personal care products for couperose and rosacea treatment.

Our managers will be glad to answer your questions and help with the choice of cosmetic products containing components that can improve microcirculation and reduce redness, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce the frequency of relapses of this disease.

Among the cosmetic products used to solve this problem, you can order moisturizers, products for the skin around the eyes, and products for the elimination of imperfections. You can buy rosacea treatments by using our filters to find the right product.

What cosmetic products to choose for the treatment of rosacea?

Skin with a problem of rosacea is classified as a sensitive skin type, but you need to use not just products for sensitive skin, they must be marked “for the treatment of rosacea”. In other words, you need to use products aimed at treating rosacea.

Treatment of couperose and rosacea

For most women, vascular stars and red rashes cause a lot of discomfort. It is very important to choose the right products for couperosis and rosacea to completely get rid of such unpleasant symptoms.

Moisturizing products alone are not enough. Many people think that expensive and high-quality cosmetics will help solve this problem, but it is necessary to choose the products with the right composition, and it is important to choose a line of cosmetic products with the appropriate effect.

If you choose the right cosmetic products for your skincare routine at home, you can easily achieve fairly stable remission. For a long period, about several months, this problem will no longer bother you. Only professional cosmetic products can provide the necessary therapeutic effect. Regular use of these products will allow the skin to become healthier and will nourish it with vitamins and nutrients.

High-quality certified products for rosacea will solve a whole range of problems:

1. these products provide a reduction of the inflammatory process, preventing its occurrence in the future as a reaction to internal and external stimuli.

2. they remove toxins and decay products from tissues;

3. they slow down the aging process and activate the regenerative processes;

4. they make the structure of the epidermis more even, improve tone, restore lipid balance, increase elastin and collagen production.

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