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Enzymes are protein molecules that catalyze chemical reactions in the body. They play a crucial role in biological processes and participate in various functions such as digestion, metabolism, immune reactions, hormone regulation, and more.

There are numerous types of enzymes, each specific to certain types of reactions. Some of the most common types of enzymes include:

— Proteases: break down proteins and peptides.

— Lipases: break down fats and lipids.

— Amylases: break down carbohydrates and starch.

— Nucleases: break down nucleic acids.

— Oxidoreductases: participate in oxidation-reduction reactions.

— Transferases: participate in the transfer of functional groups between molecules.

Enzymes are widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine to modify biological processes in the body. In cosmetology, enzymes are used to remove dead skin cells, stimulate regeneration and renewal, and treat acne and other skin conditions.

Enzymes can also be used to break down hyaluronic acid, for example, with the help of hyaluronidase, to reduce the volume of injected fillers and correct unsuccessful injections.

Enzyme deficiency in the body can be caused by various factors. Some of the main reasons for enzyme deficiency include:

Digestive disorders: Digestive problems may be caused by low stomach acid levels or insufficient production of pancreatic enzymes. It leads to ineffective food breakdown and inadequate nutrient absorption, resulting in enzyme deficiency.

Heredity: Some forms of enzyme deficiency can be inherited.

Insufficient consumption of enzyme-rich foods: The body may experience enzyme deficiency if the diet lacks a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables, and other foods containing natural enzymes.

Age: Enzyme production may decrease with age, leading to deficiency.

Diseases: Certain diseases such as celiac disease, pancreatitis, Crohn’s disease, and others can disrupt the production and release of enzymes into the intestine.

Stress: Chronic stress can lower protease levels, leading to digestive disturbances.

Medications: Some medications can affect enzyme production, leading to deficiency.

In some cases, enzyme deficiency can lead to digestive disorders, allergies, and other conditions. If you suspect an enzyme deficiency, consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

For cosmetologists, we recommend these products:

MC Lipase (1500 IU * 5pcs). This biotechnology contains three enzymes capable of exerting a modifying effect upon contact with the body.

MC Enzyme (5*1500 IU) / Lipolytic. Reduces the severity of cellulite, corrects local fat deposits, and restores the tone and elasticity of the skin.

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