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Skin cleansing

The face is an important part of any woman’s image. Who doesn’t dream of perfect skin? Good-looking skin significantly increases attractiveness and self-confidence. The online beauty store “CUTIS MEDICAL” offers its customers the most popular certified skincare products, among which you can choose products for personal or professional care.

To always look attractive, cosmetic procedures are not enough. It is important to maintain a proper skincare routine on an ongoing basis at home. In this case, the results of cosmetic treatments will last longer. Most women make mistakes in their skincare routine, but it is important to understand that only with an appropriate skincare routine you can preserve youthful skin and beauty for many years.

A facial skin care routine is a whole ritual. If you create an efficient system of skincare at home, you will get 10 minutes of SPA treatments every morning and evening.

Many women just don’t know where to start! The first thing that needs to be done before ordering cosmetic products in our online store “CUTIS MEDICAL” is to determine the type of your skin.

This is a very important step in finding the perfect products for your skin type. Remember that products for oily and dry skin are very different, so the wrong choice of cosmetic products can negatively affect the condition of the skin and sometimes cause unpleasant reactions.

Cosmetologists define four types of skin: combination skin, normal, oily, and dry. All steps in the skincare routine are pretty much the same, but cosmetic products must be selected individually.

A daily skincare routine should include the following steps: cleansing, toner, basic care (moisturizing and nourishing), additional care, protection.

Proper and regular adherence to each stage is the key to effective skincare.

Skin cleansing by Cutis Medical

The skin needs to be cleaned several times a day: in the morning and the evening (in some cases even more often). The cleansing process is the first and main skincare process. Many women make the mistake of trying to wash off their makeup with regular soap or shower gel.

Cleanser and cosmetic make-up remover are two completely different cosmetic products that serve different purposes. It is necessary to begin the process of cleansing the skin of the face by removing makeup with a special lotion, milk, micellar water, oil, or any other product that you use daily. Only after that, we can move on to cleansing.

The process must be thorough, but the main thing is not to overdo it. We apply a cleanser (gel, foam) with gentle and confident movements to the face. For women with sensitive skin, it is best to use hypoallergenic cleansing gels. Mousses and foams are great for oily skin. For combination and dry skin are recommended cosmetics that do not contain alcohol. The stages of skin cleansing depend on its initial condition.

On the pages of our website, you will find the section “Personal care” where you will be able to choose cosmetic products taking into account the characteristics of your skin type.

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