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PCLA Mesothreads. Notched threads

PCLA notched mesothreads are equipped with specialized notches that enhance their adherence to tissues, thereby enabling a more robust skin tightening and lifting effect. These notches help in enhancing the threads’ grip on the tissues, preventing the risk of displacement.

Mesothreads (facial threads), commonly used in aesthetic medicine for approximately 20 years, have gained significant popularity and widespread application. Their efficacy and safety have been confirmed by both clinical studies and clinical experience.

Mesothreads serve various purposes, including facial and body skin tightening and rejuvenation, refining skin texture and tone, and eliminating wrinkles and signs of aging. They can be used as a standalone procedure or with other aesthetic methods such as botulinum toxin therapy, fillers, and laser treatments.

The design of PCLA notched threads offers several advantages:

Enhanced anchoring: The notches allow the threads to better hold onto tissues. This increases their stability and diminishes the likelihood of post-procedural displacement, thereby prolonging lifting effects and ensuring result stability.

The presence of notches on PCLA threads induces microtrauma upon tissue insertion, triggering the activation of natural healing processes and collagen synthesis. This leads to heightened tissue regeneration and improved skin elasticity and tone.

The notches on PCLA threads facilitate better fixation of threads in tissues. This is particularly beneficial in areas with delicate or weakened skin that need additional support and tightening. Enhanced tissue fixation contributes to achieving more noticeable and long-lasting lifting effects.

The incorporation of notches on the threads ensures reliable anchoring within tissues, helping to prevent their accidental extrusion or undesired displacement. This aspect is crucial for procedural safety and the prevention of potential complications.

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