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MC Vitamin C (10*5ml)


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Acne Scars Treatment

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For rosacea

Rosacea is an inflammatory chronic skin disease. These are specific papulopustular elements that occur on the skin. Rosacea disease is quite common, 3-5% among all types of dermatoses.

Causes of rosacea

The etiology of this disease is not fully understood, although the disease has become very common and well-known. The disease develops due to changes in the tone of the superficial blood vessels of the skin of the face. This change can be provoked by endogenous and exogenous factors.

External causes of rosacea:

Harmful UV radiation. Vascular endothelial growth can occur due to tanning in a solarium or prolonged exposure to the sun. Small capillaries form and eventually rosacea or vascular lesions may occur.

Excessive consumption of spices or alcohol. This stimulation of the stomach, more precisely the gastric mucosa, can lead to a reflex extension of blood vessels in the face, which can lead to rosacea.

Bad weather conditions can not only lead to the appearance of rosacea but also complicate the disease and its course.

Consumption of hot drinks and food. It is another possible causative factor.

Inappropriate therapy. Long-term use of corticosteroids can provoke the development of rosacea.

Internal causes of rosacea:

Hormonal imbalance in the body. The disease can worsen due to pregnancy, menopause, lactation, or the menstrual cycle.

The inflammatory process of the gastrointestinal tract. This factor can cause hyposensitization of the sensitivity of neurons in the facial area.

Psychoemotional disorders. Rosacea can appear due to severe stress.

Parasitic skin diseases. Mites and bacteria can also cause rosacea.

Vascular diseases. Vascular diseases can lead to deterioration in peripheral circulation, which can cause angioneurosis.

We recommend choosing a good clinic with good reviews and positive experience in dealing with this disease for angioneurosis treatment.

For professional cosmetologists, our Cutis Medical store offers efficient products for rosacea:

MC Venolaureth (10*2ml.)

Improves the tone of the capillary walls and venous outflow. It stimulates trophic and tissue oxygenation. It is an excellent product for the treatment of rosacea and spider veins.

Pluryal. Mesoline Antiox (5*5ml)

It has an antioxidant effect and provides optimal protection against free radicals and the restoration of collagen fibers.

MC Vitamin C (10*5ml)

It inhibits the production of melanin, neutralizes free radicals, improves skin elasticity and collagen synthesis.

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