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Sunscreen by Cutis Medical

One of the main causes of skin aging is ultraviolet radiation. Tan is a protective response to sun exposure. The use of cosmetics with SPF is extremely important, as it can prevent serious skin conditions. Sun protection in personal care involves the use of cosmetics with different sun protection factors. When choosing sunscreen, it is important to consider your skin type. Fair skin needs a higher protection factor than darker skin.

Why do you need sun protection?

Beauty products with SPF help to protect the skin from several types of sun rays.

UVA rays cause skin aging and tanning. The season and weather often do not affect the intensity of this type of radiation, so the skin should be protected from this type of rays all year round.

UVB rays do not penetrate the skin deeply, but they tend to linger in it, which can cause serious burns during the tanning period and provoke serious skin conditions. However, only this type of rays contributes to the production of vitamin D.

Each sunscreen, whether it’s a spray, cream, or lotion, has its own SPF factor, which indicates the degree of protection against UVB radiation.

The sunscreen formula is based on physical and chemical filters. Physical filters reflect the rays of the visible spectrum, and they leave white stains on the skin. They are ideal for sensitive skin, as they practically do not cause allergic reactions and inflammation. For people with dry skin, products with oils in their composition are the best option.

In the summer, high-quality sun protection is very important for every person. It does not depend on the phototype of the skin or the amount of time spent in direct sunlight. Sometimes exposure to ultraviolet radiation leads to serious consequences, including the development of a pathological process in which the structure of cells changes, which can provoke malignant tumors. We recommend using cosmetics with SPF on areas exposed to the sun, regardless of the time of year.

On the pages of our website, you can find a wide range of sunscreens. We recommend using filters for a more detailed search.

We would like to give you some advice on what kind of sun protection is required for different skin types:

1. to protect dark skin from the winter sun, a product with an SPF factor of 15-20 is the best option;

2. for people with brown hair and standard phototype, we recommend using products with SPF 30-45;

3. for people with light brown hair and fair skin, we recommend using sunscreen with SPF 50-60;

4. for people with light-sensitive skin type with freckles, we recommend using SPF 70-80.

A sunscreen chosen according to your phototype will protect you from many problems such as burns, radiation, pigmentation, etc. You can spend hours in the sun and not worry about the consequences. Sunscreen can help to avoid redness and unpleasant painful sensations, take care of the health of your skin. When using the right product, the tan will lie in an even layer.

How to use sunscreen correctly?

The sunscreen forms a film on the skin that protects the skin from UV rays. After application, the cream will take about 10 minutes to absorb.

In order not to damage the film, apply the cream in advance and let it dry for a while before getting dressed. During the day, the protective layer becomes thinner, so the cream must be reapplied every two hours.

You can order sunscreen product in any way convenient for you in our online store. For a more thorough search, use the filters on the website. You can always get a free and detailed consultation from our managers who can help you to choose the perfect option based on the characteristics of your skin and budget framework.

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