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Body Cream by Cutis Medical

You can order professional cosmetic products and cosmetics for personal use in our online store.

When choosing a professional body cream, you should clearly understand what effect you want to achieve. Body cream can help to eliminate skin dryness, remove signs of aging and sagging, or eliminate cellulite.

Cosmetologists say that the body skin requires the same thorough care as the skin of the face.

How to choose the right body cream?

Firstly, you need to identify your skin type. There are several types of skin: combination, oily, normal, and dry.

— If you have dry skin, it is better to choose cosmetic products with oils in the composition. It can be shower gels, milk with a light texture;

— The most complicated is the skincare routine for combination skin. When choosing a cosmetic product for this type of skin, you need to identify the main problem. For example, special ingredients in the composition can help to eliminate allergic reactions;

— If you have oily skin, then body creams with a light consistency providing a moisturizing effect and a slight drying effect are perfect for you. To narrow the pores and completely get rid of dead skin, we recommend using scrubs and peelings from time to time;

— Normal skin type needs hydration and nourishment. For this type of skin, creams of a liquid consistency, with herbs, minerals, and vitamins in the composition are the perfect option. In this case, the choice of cosmetic product depends on the desired result: toning, nourishing or moisturizing.

Age plays a huge role in the process of choosing cosmetic products. The use of cosmetics that are designed for young skin will not be effective for a mature woman. It is also dangerous for people with young skin to use cosmetic products designed for mature skin since the skin stops producing the necessary components in the right amount, and sometimes the skin may begin to look older. For a more detailed search for skincare products, we recommend using the “Age” filter on our website.

It is necessary to choose a body cream taking into account the conditions and problems that our skin has. The skin on the body can be dry around the knees, elbows, feet. Body skin can be oily on the shoulders, back, or décolleté, as well as sensitive in the intimate and bikini area.

A separate group of creams is needed to solve the problem of cellulite and a different one to solve the problem of losing weight. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cream, depending on what problem you want to solve. You can choose a body cream for personal care from Cutis Medical using the filter on the website.

Seasonality also affects the choice of body cream. For the summer period, specialists recommend cosmetic products aimed at moisturizing and protecting against ultraviolet radiation. While body creams in winter should nourish and restore the skin.

You can order high-quality body cream for professional or personal use from the best manufacturers in our online store Cutis Medical.

Our managers can help you with the choice, they can explain the characteristics of the brands, as well as answer all your questions about payment and delivery of products.

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