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Blackheads & Enlarged Pores

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Blackheads & Enlarged Pores

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Serums by Cutis Medical

If you want your skin to look healthy and radiant, we recommend paying attention to face serums.

Thanks to such an important cosmetic product as a facial serum, it becomes possible to make the skin look good in a short period of time. The main difference between serums and creams is texture and composition. In most cases, the cream contains water and oil, and the serum is a concentrated product based on fruit acids, minerals, and vitamins.

In a short period of time, the serum saturates the skin and makes it look healthier. The serum has a regenerating effect and activates blood circulation. If you add serum to your daily cream, it will significantly enhance the effect of active ingredients, thanks to its concentration and special bioactive complexes.

How to choose a face serum?

— anti-aging serum — significantly reduces the number and severity of wrinkles, as well as other signs of aging;

— lifting serum is an excellent non-surgical way to tighten the skin around the eyes and the skin of the face in general;

— moisturizing serum for professional care effectively prevents dehydration, and it is also able to restore skin tone and elasticity;

— matting serum helps to remove oily sheen on the face.

The search filter on our website will help you make the right choice. On the pages of our website, you will find a lot of useful information. Detailed descriptions will allow you to get acquainted with the products.

2. Quick result

Long exposure to the sun in summer contributes to the appearance of age spots on the skin of the face. How to deal with it? We offer you face serums containing components that protect the skin from the sun. Components such as hyaluronic acid, youth coenzyme Q10, and plant stem cells protect against exposure to aggressive ultraviolet radiation.

If your main goal is to increase skin elasticity, then we offer serums with nourishing oils and lipo fillers to help maintain moisture balance.

If you need to solve a cosmetic problem, then you should give preference to therapeutic serums. For example, if you are the owner of oily and problematic skin, the main cosmetic problem is acne and pimples, which can leave marks and scars. In this case, you should order an anti-acne and post-acne serum, which will make your skin tone even.

Facial redness due to vasodilation (rosacea) is a common problem. Sodium hyaluronate, glycine, plant extracts, and other plant components will help in this situation. In this case, the main action of the serum is aimed at strengthening the walls of the capillaries, as well as reducing redness.

3. Needs according to age.

Facial serums with an age limit of up to 25 years mainly contain anti-inflammatory, matting components, and light moisturizing components.

Serums intended for the age category of 25-35 years are full of multi-vitamin complexes, phospholipids, hyaluronic acid, nourishing oils.

Serums 35+ have a high content of antioxidants, amino acids, peptide complexes in their composition. The composition of serums intended for the age category 45+ is aimed at intensifying the process of producing collagen and elastin. These facial serums are enriched with bioactive components, regenerating complexes, due to which the lifting effect is achieved in a short period of time.

If you are a professional cosmetologist, you can purchase products at special prices. To receive special prices you need to register as a specialist on our website.

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