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Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of procedures to help improve your appearance: procedures for rejuvenation, weight loss, getting rid of defects, for maintaining an attractive appearance and beauty. Many modern procedures require special cosmetology equipment and devices. Our online store of cosmetology products offers you professional cosmetology equipment, including centrifuges.

The centrifuge makes it possible to carry out not only plasmalifting, a popular rejuvenation procedure, but also other popular procedures for your clients.

What is a centrifuge in cosmetology?

The mechanism of operation of the centrifuge is to differentiate liquid complex mixtures: blood, medications, and lymphatic fluid. For example, blood can be placed in a centrifuge and separated into its component parts (lymphocytes and platelets). After that, a professional cosmetologist uses the necessary part in the procedure. Due to centrifugal acceleration, the liquid is separated into components (fractions). For each type of liquid, it is necessary to choose the required speed.

Also, the centrifugation method allows you to obtain the necessary information about the shape, mass, and size of any molecule. The centrifuge allows you to carry out the plasmalifting procedure, to divide the cosmetology material into fractions.

Plasmаlifting is an injection of plasma that is enriched with platelets. It is a rejuvenating procedure. For this procedure, venous blood is used. At the same time, platelets must be in a normal, undamaged condition, and this directly depends on the equipment and its accuracy and quality.

On the pages of our online store, you can order a centrifuge ELMI CM-7S Plus Benchtop. This centrifuge ideally combines simplicity and reliability, and it is easy to use. It has a wide range of applications in various fields, including cosmetology. The latest model has improved features and capabilities.

The main characteristics of this model are a rotational speed of up to 3500 rpm, maximum heating of test tubes +5 degrees from room temperature, stainless steel working chamber, setting and displaying the rotational speed on the light indicators, as well as the ability to set the rotational speed in rpm or G, lid lock during operation, accurate digital setting of the rotational speed, automatic unlocking when the lid is open and audible alarm after the rotor stops, almost unlimited time of continuous operation mode, 6 degrees of braking.

Centrifuges in cosmetology

A cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure using a centrifuge is popular in aesthetic medicine. The patient’s blood from the vein is placed in a centrifuge to obtain active platelets, which play an important role in the regeneration of skin cells. The centrifuged solution contains growth factors that actively stimulate cell reproduction, DNA synthesis, and the synthesis of the intercellular matrix, and also activate the production and microcirculation of collagen. This cosmetic procedure using a centrifuge can help with the following problems:

— acne and scars;

— increasing skin elasticity;

— improvement of skin texture and complexion;

— removal of bags and shadows under the eyes;

— increasing tone of the eyelids;

— postoperative wounds healing acceleration;

— reduction of stretch marks and cellulite;

— removal of warts and psoriasis plaques.

The main advantage of this procedure is its safety. Since the patient is injected with a solution containing his own blood, this procedure will not cause any allergic reactions, unlike procedures where foreign biomaterials are used.

When choosing a centrifuge, it is very important to remember certain rules and specifications. It is necessary to take into account such indicators as the size of the rotor, the speed range, and the control system.

You can find centrifuges for professional use in cosmetology on our website. Certified equipment that has proven itself in the market of cosmetology equipment.

In our online store, you can buy a centrifuge T-Lab Centrifuge S-106. This centrifuge is specially designed for use in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedures, SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction), and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) procedures.

The online store “Cutis Medical” offers you a wide range of high-quality cosmetic products from the world’s best manufacturers. We offer special purchase conditions for registered users (professionals).

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