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What should I do if I have oily skin?

Cosmetologists differentiate 4 types of skin: dry, normal, oily, and combination. Cosmetic products should be chosen based on your skin type.

The most problematic skin type is oily skin. The most common manifestations of oily skin are enlarged pores, greasy shine, comedones. Also, oily skin is often associated with inflammation processes.

Cosmetologists and appropriate skincare routine can help to cope with the problem of increased skin oiliness.

Causes of increased skin oiliness:

Elevated activity of the sebaceous glands can lead to increased oiliness of the skin.

— The prerequisites for this may be:

— Endocrine disorders

— Gastrointestinal disorders

— Improper skincare routine (appropriate skincare routine should include regular cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition)

— Heredity

Skin oiliness is not permanent, and skin type can change over the years. In most cases, young girls and boys up to 25 years old have oily skin, which later transforms into a combination skin type. Oily skin type can remain the same for quite a long period if it is a hereditary factor.

Another important factor that affects the increase in skin oiliness is hormonal imbalance. It can occur both during puberty and due to problems with the endocrine system. The cause of increased skin oiliness in women can be polycystic ovaries, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, uncontrolled intake of oral contraceptives, menopause, stress.

What are the main indicators of oily skin type?

Excessive oiliness can occur in different areas of the face. It is associated with the location of the sebaceous glands in the skin. Accumulation in the ducts in certain areas (most often the nose, forehead, and chin area) explains the cause of oily shine. There are also areas of oily skin in the décolleté and back area. In most cases, this increased oiliness is associated with oily hair type.

The main manifestation of oily skin type is greasy shine and oiliness. At the same time, the skin looks thickened externally. Excess sebum that accumulates on the surface of the skin contributes to the clogging of pores, the formation of black spots, enlargement of pores, and the formation of comedones.

Oily skin also has its benefits. Oily skin effectively retains moisture; on this type of skin, wrinkles appear much later.

Characteristics of skincare

If you have oily skin, you probably should visit a cosmetologist from time to time. For your skin to look attractive and healthy, you should pay special attention to your skincare routine. Regular use of cosmetic products for oily skin is necessary. At the same time, the choice of products should be carried out very carefully, taking into account all the characteristics and age.

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