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Skin care for hands. Hand cream

Such a popular cosmetic product as hand cream can be used by both men and women. This cosmetic product helps to solve the problem of the harmful effects of household chemicals, cold, hard water, and other aggressive environments. It is necessary to use hand cream at any age, as signs of aging appear on the skin of the hands due to improper care. According to cosmetologists, hand cream should be chosen based on the season.

When choosing a cream, pay special attention to its composition. It is necessary to consider what kind of effect you want to achieve. For example, panthenol actively stimulates skin healing, glycerin helps retain moisture, vitamins activate the protective functions of the skin, tea tree oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, allantoin relieves irritation.

Hand cream can have different functions:

— moisturizing;

— softening and nourishing;

— restoring;

— it can protect against aggressive environmental influences;

— it can provide an anti-aging effect.

You can order a hand cream in our online store of cosmetic products for both personal and professional care from different manufacturers. If you want to achieve a moisturizing effect, we recommend fast-absorbing creams that contain hyaluronic acid in their composition.

Nourishing creams contain oils, have a thicker texture. These creams are more often used as a night cream. For skin with damage, restorative compositions are used to stimulate the healing process. Anti-aging products allow you to smooth the skin and make it more elastic.

The daily use of protective hand cream is crucially important. It creates a thin film on the skin that protects against the negative effects of external factors, including water and detergents.

Some creams protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Characteristics of a hand cream that should be considered when choosing:

1. The versatility of the cream. The possibility of using the cream at different times of the year, as well as the possibility of use by both men and women;

2. Pleasant scent. Many modern well-known manufacturers make perfumed hand creams. After application, the fragrance remains for a long time and can in some cases replace the use of perfume;

3. Natural composition, which is now offered by many well-known brands. This makes the product completely safe;

4. Many hand creams contain micronutrients that have a positive effect not only on the skin of the hands but also on the nails. Hand cream can help your nails stop peeling and become more shiny and smooth.

On the pages of our online store, you can order a hand cream for both personal and professional use.

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