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UV lamp 38/58W


Ultraviolet lamp

Ultraviolet lamps are used in cosmetology for cleansing from pathogenic microorganisms and pathogenic germs. This function of the lamps is used in modern sterilization equipment. Ultraviolet sterilizers disinfect the space, cosmetic medical products, and equipment in a short period of time. The mechanism of ultraviolet lamps is based on powerful UV – radiation. This amount of radiation will be sufficient to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms. Escherichiacoli located 10 cm from the lamp is destroyed within 6 seconds, 50 cm – 60 seconds. Salmonellatyphi, Shigella, and some other types of viruses can be destroyed much faster.

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On the pages of our online store of cosmetic products, you can order an ultraviolet lamp UV lamp 38/58W.

The main features of the lamp:

— Two types of control methods.

— Germicidal lamp produces ozone during operation. Ozone can sterilize places that UV light cannot reach. After disinfection, the room needs to be ventilated for 60 minutes.

— Suitable for 30-50 square meters of space (such as living room, bedroom, and other utility rooms). Fast sterilization and disinfection within 15 minutes.

— UV-C sterilizer, 360-degree wider beam angle. It eliminates odors and dust particles and improves the indoor climate.

— Capacity and time of ultraviolet radiation of ozone are inversely proportional. High capacity and fast irradiation. Low capacity and longer exposure time. But the anti-virus effect is the same.

Ultraviolet lamps are widely used in cosmetology, as well as in other areas:

— ultraviolet purification of water and food;

— indoor air purification;

— horizontal and vertical disinfection of surfaces;

— treatment and prevention of dermatitis and other skin diseases.

UV lamps have several advantages over other disinfection methods. In a short time, you can disinfect a large area. There is no need for preliminary cleaning of the room. You can easily clean objects and tools with a complex configuration. After cleaning with an ultraviolet lamp, no additional cleaning of the instruments is required. The radiation of the lamp is safe. There is no negative effect on the equipment during the cleaning process, compared to steam disinfection, which can eventually lead to corrosion of some parts.

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