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PCLA Mesothreads. Cone threads

Threads made from polycaprolactone (PCL) are the most popular and extensively utilized in modern aesthetic medicine due to their proven efficacy and safety, confirmed by numerous clinical trials.

PCL threads promote the activation of tissue bio-repair and regeneration processes, enhance local microcirculation, deliver excellent lifting and rejuvenation effects to the skin, and contribute to evening out its tone and texture.

We recommend cosmetologists to use the following PCLA cone threads:

Fiona. Thread PCL Double Needle Cog 19G/460mm (2pcs.). Threads with double needles. Double-needle threads with 360-degree barbs provide fixation strength in both forward and backward directions along the vector.

Fiona. Thread Lift PCLA Cog 19G/100mm (10pcs.)

Cone threads have a special structure incorporating cones or spikes on the surface of the threads, enabling them to more effectively grasp and secure tissues, thereby producing a more pronounced lifting effect. Cone threads are particularly beneficial for lifting sagging areas of the face or other body areas, and they can be introduced using thin needles or cannulas.

Thread lifting involves the utilization of an absorbable suture to lift the skin, presenting a less invasive alternative that can often be carried out in less than 45 minutes without the need for surgical intervention.

PCLA cone threads are offered in various sizes, lengths, and cone configurations, allowing cosmetologists to select the optimal option based on individual patient needs and desired outcomes. The diverse configurations of cones enable a more precise lifting effect and better adaptation of the threads to the tissue.

The insertion of PCLA cone threads into the skin triggers a body response, including the stimulation of collagen synthesis. This process helps enhance skin texture and elasticity, diminishing wrinkles and signs of aging.

Furthermore, cone threads offer an augmented lifting effect, thanks to their special structure comprising cones or spikes on the surface of the threads, which facilitates enhanced tissue grasping and holding capabilities. Thus, they are particularly beneficial for lifting sagging areas of the face or other body areas.

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