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Fillers by Cutis Medical

Gel-like substances (fillers) are injected under the skin or into the deep layers of the skin by microinjection. Cosmetologists use fillers to improve the shape of lips, nose, etc. Fillers are also used in anti-aging therapy to eliminate various skin folds and wrinkles.

The effect of fillers will be noticeable for patients after one procedure. In our online cosmetology store Cutis Medical, we recommend the following fillers to beauty industry professionals:

AestheFill (200mg.) | EU Certification

This filler contains porous polylactic particles. These particles allow the filler to be evenly distributed in the layers of the dermis, filling the free space without the effect of hypercorrection. The acid activates the synthesis of collagen, due to which the skin becomes less flabby, new tissues create the frame of the face and the density of the skin increases.

HArmonyCa (Allergan) 2*1,25ml.

It is a dermal filler that is designed to increase the volume of the soft tissues of the face. It should be injected into the subcutaneous layers and the deep dermal layers.

Juvederm Volux Lid (2*1ml)

This product is Allergan’s latest filler that has been developed specifically for chin and jaw contouring. It can give volume and clarity to the contours of the face in these areas. The effect lasts up to two years! The product contains lidocaine to ensure a painless injection.

Phillex. Sub-Q Plus (1*1.1ml)

Hydrogen atoms are located on the surface of spherical hyaluronic acid particles in the PHILLEX monophasic gel. That prevents hyaluronidase from entering the molecule and ensures a more prolonged effect of the product.

In this section of our online store, you can find a large number of other amazing fillers from the best manufacturers and world leaders in this area of ​​the beauty industry. After a simple process of registration and authorization on the website, you will always have access to a special price for professionals.

What problems can fillers solve?

There are two groups of indications for contouring with fillers:

— correction of the shape of the face or some part of it;

— elimination of mimic wrinkles and age-related problems (usually: nasolabial triangle, forehead, outer corners of the eyes, or the skin between the eyebrows).

Fillers in some cases can even replace plastic surgery. For example, when you need to smooth out the hump on the nose or restore a good oval of the face.

How do fillers work?

All fillers are gel-like (they are viscous and have a dense consistency). The name “filler” comes from the verb “fill”, which means “to make or become full; to use empty space”. This is what fillers do, in the place where they are injected, they fill the voids and fill the layers of the skin.

If you need to smooth out or soften the wrinkles on the forehead or nasolabial folds, fillers will perfectly help with this problem.

If you need to improve the relief of the cheekbones or make the lips more voluminous, then the fillers “push” the layers of the skin outward, making them plumper. The hump on the nose can also be visually smoothed out with filler injection.

To correct the oval of the face, the filler must be injected into the cheekbones. The contour of the face will become clearer because the cheekbones will be more voluminous, and the skin in the lower jaw and on the cheeks will become tighter.

If you want to eliminate and reduce wrinkles, you do not need to do plastic surgery. We recommend a less traumatic and more affordable therapeutic cosmetic procedure using fillers based on hyaluronic acid gels.

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