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Cosmetology Equipment

Aespio. MultiShape


Cosmetology Equipment

Aespio. Plasma Pro


Cosmetology Equipment

Aespio. Rejuve


Cosmetology Equipment

Korust. Celleon


Cosmetology Equipment

Korust. Utimas A3


Cosmetology Equipment

Korust. Utims mini


Cosmetology Equipment

MC Skin Analyser / Beauty machine


Cosmetology Equipment

MC. Dermapen


Cosmetology Equipment

N. 5D Hifu Machine


Cosmetology Equipment

N. Cryo 360 fat freezing slimming.


Cosmetology Equipment

N. Fractional RF Microneedle.


Cosmetology Equipment



Cosmetology Equipment

N. V-Shape Cellulite Destroyer.


Cosmetology Equipment

Toskanicosmetics. Mesoject gun

3,800.00 2,500.00

Devices for cosmetology

Modern apparatus cosmetology provides the opportunity to carry out various cosmetic procedures. Different cosmetology equipment allows a professional cosmetologist to offer clients the most popular face and body treatments.

Our online store of cosmetic products offers you a wide range of beauty products and devices for professional use and for skin care at home.

You can find different devices for cosmetology in our online store and buy them at a special price for professionals.

Hardware cosmetology provides an opportunity to solve problems that are difficult for a cosmetologist to solve manually.

Cosmetology equipment is one of the essential purchases for both beginners and experienced professionals. High-quality modern devices for cosmetology will expand your opportunities in working with clients and will allow you to offer clients decent service and high-quality procedures.

The skin is an excellent protective barrier for the body. But over time, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, the first wrinkles begin to appear. In this case, cosmetic procedures can correct imperfections and help maintain the skin in good condition.

Professional cosmetologists can offer many methods and with the help of devices, they can eliminate the first signs of aging, get rid of acne or inflammatory processes, and tighten the oval of the face.

The online store of cosmetology products “Cutis Medical” offers a wide range of cosmetology equipment that would be relevant for cosmetologists of any level and qualification.

Hardware cosmetology includes various devices designed for specific cosmetic procedures. Hardware cosmetology allows you to carry out the following procedures:

— If you want to improve the process of blood microcirculation, reduce pigmentation, cleanse the skin of acne, and reduce the number of wrinkles, you need ultrasound devices;

— Devices for mesotherapy will help get rid of fat deposits, scars, spider veins, “second” chin;

— Efficient elimination of cellulite and stretch marks, skin rejuvenation, stimulation of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin production. For these purposes, you need devices for RF-lifting;

— Cosmetic devices for microdermabrasion will help improve the condition of the skin, smooth mimic wrinkles, improve the process of skin resurfacing;

— Microcurrent therapy devices help to effectively eliminate puffiness and inflammation, eliminate increased skin oiliness and enlarged pores, and eliminate wrinkles and acne;

— Hydro-peeling devices provide skin nutrition, normalization of blood circulation in cells, and cleansing of the skin from dead skin particles;

— Vacuum massage device facilitates the elimination of toxins and harmful substances, stimulates blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and eliminates lymph stasis.

You can buy devices for cosmetology in our online store of beauty products on the most favorable terms. The devices in our online store have proven their efficiency and reliability in operation, and you can be sure that you are purchasing high-quality certified products.

In our online store, every professional cosmetologist can choose the best option for themselves and purchase a high-quality cosmetology device that will allow them to offer customers a wide range of procedures.

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