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How can you tell if you have swelling?

Puffiness (edema) is quite common and can often be noticed immediately. For example, if your shoes begin to bring discomfort to your feet in the evening, and the rings tightly squeeze your fingers, you definitely have swelling. However, sometimes fluid stagnation may not be obvious. There is a type of hidden swelling that is visually very difficult to notice.

In this case, you will need to consult a doctor. The doctor may recommend measuring body weight for several days. If your weight increases, you can assume the presence of hidden puffiness.

Why does edema appear?

You probably noticed that if you ate something salty at night, in the morning your face will be slightly swollen. Salt retains fluid, and some medications have the same effect, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, or hormonal medication. Alcoholic drinks cause dehydration in the body, as a result, the skin actively absorbs as much liquid as possible.

If there is not enough physical activity in your life, your lymph flow may be impaired. Lymph flow is involved in the removal of intercellular fluid. Lymph flows are slower than the bloodstream, and due to prolonged sitting, for example, in an airplane, excess water does not go anywhere.

If your eyelids are swollen in the morning and you are in good health, the problem may be in the eye cream you use at night. Or rather, the problem may be in its incorrect application. When applying the cream, we recommend not to apply it on the lash line, so that the product does not get into the eyes and does not cause irritation.

Puffiness can also indicate kidney disorders. In this situation, the whole body swells, including the eyelids. If there is a problem in the circulatory system, a person’s legs begin to swell.

Another cause of edema is prolonged protein malnutrition. If your diet does not contain protein-rich foods, or you suffer from diseases that disrupt its active absorption, then edema is likely to occur.

How to quickly and effectively relieve swelling

It is necessary to follow several recommendations to quickly remove swelling in the morning.

Start your day with a contrast shower. After that, use a moisturizing face mask and patches. For a stronger effect, put them in the refrigerator beforehand. To stimulate the lymph flow, we recommend doing a special facial massage along certain lines.

Cosmetologists can offer you manual drainage procedures and hardware procedures to relieve puffiness, as well as properly chosen cosmetic products. The Cutis Medical online cosmetology store offers a wide range of beauty products, which you can choose appropriately using convenient filters and advice from our managers.

In women, swelling can occur due to PMS. In this case, we recommend using natural diuretics (asparagus, watermelon, ginger, and parsley). With the help of these products, water is excreted naturally. We also recommend giving up coffee, as it dehydrates the body.

To prevent swelling, you need to follow these recommendations:

1. Do not wear very tight clothes for a long time, as this slows down the lymph flow.

2. Apply the night cream around the eyes carefully. It should be applied with patting movements. Use a small amount of cream, do not apply the cream to the lash line. Apply the cream 1 hour before going to bed.

3. We recommend sleeping on a high pillow.

4. Do not eat salty food at night.

5. Do not go to bed immediately after drinking alcohol, be sure to drink a glass of sparkling water and spend at least half an hour outdoors before.

6. Do not sit in one place for a long time. Get up from time to time at work and do a little workout.

7. Actively consume foods rich in protein (eggs, lean meats, legumes, seafood).

8. Cosmetic products for edema can also be applied by people who do not suffer from this problem. These products have several additional useful functions (reduction of sweating, deodorization of the legs, prevention of varicose veins by stimulating blood flow).

You can order products for edema in our online store with international delivery.

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