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Skin Care at Home — Hair Care

Salon hair treatments always have a positive effect and help your hair look great. Professional hair cosmetic products, experienced stylists, and salon treatments can help restore even the most tired and damaged hair. But how can you keep your hair in the same attractive and good-looking condition at home?

A hair care routine at home directly affects the condition and appearance of the hair. We’d like to give you a few hair care tips that will make your hair look amazing like after a salon treatment.

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

It’s hard to believe, but proper hair washing has a huge impact on the condition of the hair. Find the right frequency for you. Learn how to wash your hair like a hairdresser in a salon. The shampoo is applied only to the roots, and then it needs to be foamed. Do not rub the hair along the length, just massage the roots with massage movements. After rinsing, the hair should remain slightly slippery. The hair will absorb the rest of the hair care products.

Appropriate choice of cosmetic products is the key to healthy and beautiful hair. A wide range of hair care cosmetic products allows you to choose a shampoo, mask, or hair balm, taking into account the characteristics of your hair: colored hair, excessive oiliness or dryness of the scalp, dandruff, and hair length. Hair care products may not be suitable for all family members. The structure of the hair is different in all people and it is extremely important to understand the differences between cosmetics for children and cosmetics for adults.

Hair Masks

Do not forget about nourishing the hair with special masks. They can be used 1-2 times a week. An appropriately selected mask can replace expensive hair procedures in the salon. Hair masks are needed for any type of hair, both dry and oily. However, you need to choose the right cosmetic product specifically for your hair type and needs.

Additional hair care includes leave-in cosmetics: serums, sprays, primers, creams, pastes, and fluids. Do not forget about thermal protection for your hair. Use a heat protection spray before every heat styling. With proper protection, your hair will not be afraid of high temperatures from a hair dryer or curling iron.

Hair care at home also includes a head massage. This simple procedure helps stimulate hair growth and normalize blood circulation. Do the procedure for just a few minutes a day with light circular movements of your fingers to avoid scalp injury. Massage combs can also be used to massage the head.

Hair care at home mainly involves following some rules and using cosmetic products that suit the needs of your hair. Your hair will be grateful to you and will delight you with its attractive appearance.

Do not forget about special treatment programs for hair. These are products in the form of special ampoules that allow you to cope with various problems, such as hair loss, dry scalp, alopecia, and others. We recommend you an Utsukusy. Kami. Professional KIT / For hair. This is a comprehensive treatment for restoring hair health. It stimulates growth and prevents hair loss.

In the corresponding section of our online cosmetology store, you will find a wide range of hair care products. Regular use of these products will have a positive effect on your hair.

If you find it difficult to choose a product, our manager will advise you and make a selection of cosmetic products for you.

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