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Cosmeceuticals — Body cream

Professional body care involves the use of high-quality cosmetic products that can help maintain the perfect and attractive appearance of your skin. The body cream is an effective cosmetic product that has many active ingredients in its composition. Regular use of these products is the key to healthy and beautiful skin, regardless of your age.

Types of professional body creams

Salon body care programs always include lotions and creams. Depending on the type of procedure, specialists can use different types of creams:

— moisturizing body cream;

— nourishing body cream;

— body cream with lifting effect;

— anti-cellulite body cream, for example, MC PPC cream;

— body cream for stretch marks.

Application of professional creams

Cosmetic procedures include the use of body creams after various procedures. These procedures may include peeling, manual massage, hardware procedures, and comprehensive spa care. Body creams are the final step after all manipulations, as they are able to soothe, nourish, and restore the skin after chemical or physical exposure.

At home, body cream should be applied after a shower. If you have dry skin, cosmetologists recommend applying the cream several times a day. Regular use makes the skin more hydrated and after a while, the skin will no longer need such frequent use of the cream.

You can order a professional body cream in our online store. We offer a wide range of cosmetic products for professional care and skin care at home from the world’s best manufacturers. In our store, you will find high-quality certified products with international delivery, an individual approach to each client, and favorable terms of cooperation to maintain the beauty and health of your skin.

To choose the right body care products, you need to take into account the characteristics of your skin.

It is necessary to consider the features and type of your skin as well as your age. You can use the filter option on our website to make your search easier. Body care should be regular and tailored to the needs of your skin. You need to develop your skincare routine, in which body cream will play an important role.

It is necessary to take into account seasonality when choosing a body cream. In winter, the skin needs extra nourishment as the skin is dry and dehydrated. In the spring, choose body creams that will help correct problem areas. In summer, body cream should contain sunscreen. In autumn, the skin needs active hydration and restoration after sunbathing.

Why does one product work and another doesn’t?

Professional body creams have a more concentrated composition. These cosmetic products are designed to solve problems, while regular body cream only conceals them. Before the release of any professional cosmetic product, the manufacturer tests it for safety and effectiveness.

The professional body cream is a special skin care product designed specifically to eliminate many problems associated with the epidermis. Professional cosmetic products will help eliminate stretch marks and flabbiness, excess body fat, and cellulite. They will help tone and strengthen the skin. The active ingredients in the composition penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and help to cope with the source of the problem.

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