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Cosmeceuticals – Face Cream

The face cream is the most popular facial skin care product. It has a softening, moisturizing, and nourishing effect. The face cream has an anti-aging effect, it can help treat skin breakouts.

Despite the wide range of cosmetic products such as serums, fluids, and gels, face cream remains the most popular skin care product.

When choosing a face cream, it is necessary to consider the individual needs of your skin. Choosing the right cream is not an easy task, you need to take into account different characteristics and nuances. If you want to buy effective face cream, we recommend choosing the professional series. Their main differences are not only a more tangible effect but also high-quality ingredients in the composition.

A professional face cream often contains natural ingredients that have a healing, nourishing, smoothing effect on the skin of the face. Professional face cream also contributes to the vitality of the skin. We recommend Fillmed B3 Recovery Cream. It is a highly effective anti-aging face cream for irritated and sensitive skin.

If you need a post-treatment cream that contains more than 20 active ingredients such as amino acids, biomimetic peptides, vitamins, as well as a nourishing lipophilic phase of natural origin containing argan oil, almond oil, shea butter, and bisabolol, BioReLift is the perfect solution.

Anti-aging creams with hyaluronic acid and peptides are very popular. These cosmetic products will help normalize the water balance of the skin at a deeper level.

Face creams can have different functions:

— Nourishing face cream has a composition rich in various components. This category includes thick night creams;

Anti-aging face cream or revitalizing face cream is mainly used by people aged 35+. It helps to get rid of small wrinkles. Professional anti-aging creams often contain hyaluronic acid and collagen;

— Lipid-restoring face cream is perfect for people with allergies. It will help to cope with atopic dermatitis;

— A therapeutic face cream will help eliminate dermatological problems, such as rashes, rosacea, increased oiliness, and pigmentation. You can achieve a cleansing and brightening effect by using this cream regularly.

Protective professional face creams

In addition to a basic skincare routine, sometimes the skin needs extra protection. Special cosmetic products will help protect the skin of the face from adverse external factors such as wind, frost, and excessive ultraviolet radiation. In summer, we recommend using a face cream with a higher SPF level. It is still necessary to use products for protection against ultraviolet radiation in winter but you can use a minimum SPF.

The main task of face cream is to help maintain the protective function of the skin without any negative impact on its appearance. Attractive, hydrated, and nourished skin always looks good. Therefore, it is important to provide the skin with maximum care.

One face cream is not enough for a skincare routine. You also need other cosmetic products, such as cleansing foams or gels, tonics, moisturizing serums, and masks. A specialist will help you choose the right products.

The main rule is to take into account the individual characteristics of the skin when choosing: age, skin type, and what effect you want to get. The texture of the cream mustn’t leave a sticky or filmy feeling on your face.

The composition of the cream may contain different ingredients:

— natural compositions often contain oils, plant extracts, or their derivatives;

— high-tech components, the latest developments, peptides, synthetic molecules, and acids.

The effectiveness of face cream

Certified professional face cream with a good composition, selected according to the characteristics of your skin, will have only a positive effect. The concentration of components can vary in different products. Therefore, the effect of some cosmetic products becomes noticeable faster, while the effect of other products becomes noticeable over time, as a result of accumulating beneficial substances in the skin.

You can order face cream in our online store. We offer a wide range of high-quality certified products. We have a separate price system for products for professional cosmetologists registered on our website.

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