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Cosmeceuticals — Eye Care Products

The skin around the eyes requires special care, as it contains almost no subcutaneous fat. This delicate and sensitive area around the eyes quickly loses elasticity, and the aging processes develop more rapidly. However, there are women over 50 who have a fresh complexion and toned skin thanks to a proper skincare routine at home, as well as regular visits to a cosmetologist.

To avoid the appearance of expression lines around the eyes for as long as possible, it is necessary to carefully choose cosmetic products and procedures. We recommend Soskin Paris. n-BTX Expression Line Corrector Serum. This is an excellent product for reducing mimic activity and prolonging the effect after injection procedures. Regular use of this product helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, especially around the eyes and on the forehead.

According to cosmetologists, about 50% of the condition of the skin around the eyes is determined by a genetic predisposition, the remaining 50% directly depend on skin care procedures and lifestyle.

Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes: features of the skin around the eyes

The area around the eyes is called the periorbital zone, and it requires more gentle skin care. Skincare routine for the skin around the eyes should be delicate, as very thin and sensitive skin reacts to every action and product.

Features of the skin around the eyes:

— looser subcutaneous layer;

— collagen synthesis in this area is limited;

— the proximity of capillaries;

— muscle hypertonicity;

— high mimic activity.

The skin around the eyes is much more susceptible to age-related changes, so the use of professional skincare products should be started as early as possible. The use of moisturizing cosmetic products for the skin around the eyes should be planned based on the condition of the skin, and not age indicators. If you often squint, you should definitely use moisturizing products, regardless of age, even if you are only 16.

The timely start of the moisturizing product use will delay the appearance of deep folds and mimic wrinkles. Professional skincare allows you to pay special attention to the area around the eyes. Due to the thin hydro-lipid protective layer and active mimic activity, this area needs special delicate care.

Professional eye skin care may include:

— Lymphatic drainage massage will help to quickly get rid of severe puffiness. This procedure helps to normalize microcirculation and improve the condition of the dermis in this area. Cosmetologists most often include massage in a comprehensive skincare procedure.

— Biorevitalization is carried out with a laser. Using a cold laser beam, hyaluronic acid can be delivered to the skin of the eyelids. This procedure is completely painless and stunningly effective. The skin becomes smoother, fresher, and more hydrated.

— Mesotherapy will allow you to deliver healthy substances to the skin without injections. This procedure strengthens and brightens the skin around the eyes, making it more elastic and radiant.

— Contouring allows you to eliminate deep folds and wrinkles. The procedure is carried out using special fillers (based on hyaluronic acid) or own fat (lipofilling).

All procedures must be carried out using high-quality professional cosmetic products in accordance with the client’s age and skin characteristics. You can order these products in our online store on the most favorable terms. We have special prices and offers for professionals and registered users.

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