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Professional facial cleansers by Cutis Medical

The best cosmetologists strongly recommend using high-quality cleansers to cleanse your skin regularly. You can always buy these products on our website, in the corresponding section. The cleanser must be chosen according to your skin type.

Professional skin cleansing products can slow down skin aging, clean impurities on the skin, and restore skin structure. Also, skin cleansing products can clean pores, and improve skin elasticity.

Our skin is constantly faced with the negative impact of the environment, various stresses, and decorative cosmetics. All this can negatively affect the clogging of its pores. The skin has a protective function and it is important to ensure efficient regular cleaning of the facial skin to prevent the appearance of signs of aging and loss of skin elasticity.

Inflammatory processes and rashes are very common problems that are directly related to clogged pores. Properly chosen by a cosmetologist, professional skin cleansing products will help you get rid of these problems and improve your skin condition. The regular use of cleansers can prevent the growth of bacteria and various impurities, without destroying the water balance of the skin. Professional cosmetologists always emphasize the importance of choosing only high-quality cleansing products, taking into account your skin type.

The online store of cosmeceuticals Cutis Medical offers a wide range of cleansing products from the best brands in the world. An important feature of the cleansers that you can buy in our store is their composition. Complete absence of sulfates and only high-quality, clinically proven effective active ingredients, many of which are natural. These skin cleansers can be used even by people with sensitive skin.

After using cleansers, we recommend using a special serum to help maintain the appropriate pH level and stabilize moisture levels.

For your convenience, the menu on our website is divided into sections “Professional care” and “Personal care”. There is also a section where you can choose products according to your skin type and additional filters so you can find the highest quality skin cleanser at an affordable price.

We have created a special loyalty program for professionals in the beauty industry. You need to register on our website, and special prices with discounts on most of our products will become available to you. We offer international delivery. There is an option of online consultation on the website for our clients.

Important information about facial cleansing

We do not recommend using facial cleansers when there is an inflammatory process on the skin. We recommend that you consult with your cosmetologist and show him or her the Cutis Medical store with a wide range of professional cosmetics so that the specialist can help you choose a facial cleanser.

Important steps in facial care: facial cleansing and moisturizing. Sometimes you may need special products such as skin-soothing facial products, and antibacterial facial cleansing products.

A refreshing tonic gives a soft and pleasant effect. It will additionally cleanse the skin of dead skin cells.

If you have problems, seek the help of a cosmetologist. In case of severe inflammation, professional care by a specialist may be required. These situations can occur if oily skin and pores quickly become clogged, causing rashes and inflammation.

You can purchase facial cleansing products from Cutis Medical after consultation with our manager. This consultation will help you avoid mistakes and choose the right cleansers.

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