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Cosmeceuticals – Hand cream

Hands are an important part of any woman’s appearance. The thin delicate skin of the hands needs special care. Constant exposure to negative external factors provokes aging of the skin of the hands and loss of tone and moisture, contributing to the appearance of wrinkles.

Professional cosmetic products, which include hand cream, will help solve problems with the epidermis and help maintain the youthful appearance of your hands.

Why Do Hands Age First?

– Constant exposure to aggressive household chemicals used for cleaning;

– Impact of external factors on the skin of the hands: wind, low temperatures, sunlight, burns, scratches, and cuts;

– Physiological characteristics are the main cause of hand skin vulnerability. The skin of the hands is thin, it has a thin layer of fat, and an insufficient hydrolipidic mantle, which is constantly damaged due to frequent washing of hands with soap.

You can order an effective hand cream in our online store of cosmetic products.

ODA. NOURISHING HAND CREAM WITH SNAIL CONCENTRATE is a nourishing hand cream with snail concentrate made by ODA. This cream has a softening and smoothing effect. The snail concentrate in the composition moisturizes the skin, makes it more elastic, and helps slow down the aging process.

Professional hand skin care may include salon cosmetic procedures:

– Lipofilling allows you to restore the elasticity and attractiveness of the skin of the hands. The procedure consists of injections of the client’s fat cells;

– Mesotherapy and biorevitalization involve injections of cocktails containing vitamins, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and amino acids. These procedures help to maintain the freshness and firmness of the skin of the hands;

– Photorejuvenation allows you to restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin of the hands. Pulsed light activates the processes of collagen synthesis in the epidermis;

– Chemical peels can help even the tone and texture of the skin of the hands and reduce pigmentation.

Professional hand skin care involves the use of high-quality cosmetic products and adherence to a daily hand skincare routine:

– wash your hands in cool water, very hot or cold water has a negative effect on blood vessels;

– use creamy soft gels that gently cleanse and do not overdry the skin of the hands for washing;

– hand cream should be applied to slightly damp skin, apply it with light massage movements until completely absorbed;

– special gloves will help protect hands from exposure to aggressive household chemicals during cleaning;

– sometimes the skin of the hands needs additional care: mineral baths, masks, scrubs;

– carry out salon procedures for deep restoration of the epidermis of the hands;

– а healthy diet, sufficient water intake, vitamin supplements, and high-quality cosmetic products allow you to maintain a youthful appearance of the skin of your hands.

In the summer, ultraviolet radiation can provoke the aging process of the skin of the hands. The main signs of photoaging are dryness, decreased skin elasticity and firmness, and the appearance of pigmentation.

Pigmentation may develop over time. In the summer, cosmetologists recommend using a hand cream with a protective filter.

If you do not plan to be in the sun for a long time, hand cream with SPF 20 will be enough. If you are going to the beach, it is better to use hand cream with SPF 50.

In winter, use nourishing and thick hand creams. The moisturizing hand cream in winter should not be applied before going outside, but it is perfect for indoor use. At night, you can apply creams containing oils, and the skin of your hands in the morning will pleasantly surprise you with its attractive restored appearance. You will find high-quality products from the best manufacturers on our website. Favorable terms of cooperation, international delivery, different payment options, and individual approach to each customer.

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