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Cosmeceuticals – Face masks

The skin of the face is exposed to the environment every day: wind, sun, rain, dust, and other adverse factors. Also, the skin is actively affected by the state of the body: stress, vitamin deficiency, unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet, etc. To maintain the attractiveness and freshness of the skin, it is necessary to use professional face masks. These cosmetic procedures help to cleanse the skin, saturate it with all the necessary nutrients, significantly improve skin tone, and moisturize the skin.

Face masks have different functions:

— maintenance of skin tone and its natural radiance;

— cleansing (the mask helps to exfoliate dead cells and cleanse the pores, preventing skin sagging and acne);

— appearance improvement (masks can make the look more fresh and attractive);

— moisturizing (masks saturate the skin with moisture, making the skin nourished and better-looking; masks help with the problem of flaking and redness). We recommend the product ODA. MOISTURIZING peel-off mask 500g. / Alginate;

— nutrition and saturation with healthy components;

— multifunctional masks. They have 4 useful functions: brightening, cleansing, strengthening, and moisturizing, an example of a multi-functional mask is Margy`s. Extra Rich Firming mask.

Professional face masks and an experienced cosmetologist can help you with various facial skin problems. In combination with professional care, skin care at home should also be correctly selected: cleanser, tonic, day cream, and night cream. A face mask is the final step of the skincare routine that will allow you to achieve the perfect look.

A face mask is a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of cosmetic products to the face. To avoid an unexpected allergic reaction, you need to study the composition of the mask, and if you are prone to allergic reactions, try a small amount of the mask on a sensitive area of the skin 48 hours before the procedure (for example, apply it on the wrist). If you experience such unpleasant feelings as burning, redness, or itching, then this face mask is not suitable for you.

Face masks: types

1. Cream face masks or gel masks can have a moisturizing, cleansing, nourishing, and light lifting effect.

2. Alginate face masks usually have a powdery consistency. The powder is mixed with a special activator or water to achieve a gel-like state. After drying, the mask takes the form of a film and can be easily removed without residue. It helps the skin to become more toned, hydrated, and smooth. Professional cosmetologists first apply a serum enriched with active ingredients to the skin, and then an alginate mask.

3. Film-masks have a smoothing and cleansing effect. When completely dry, the mask creates a film on the face, which is removed with gentle movements from the bottom up.

4. Collagen face masks are visually similar to fabric, but contain lyophilized collagen and other additional components, for example, plant extracts, vitamins, and fruit acids. Collagen face masks must first be soaked in a water solution and then applied to the skin.

5. Paraffin face masks are used before the facial cleansing process. They have a softening effect on sebaceous plugs, and also have a toning and moisturizing effect on the skin.

6. Sheet masks are textile elements that are cut according to the shape of the face and soaked in a special formula that is saturated with active ingredients. These masks can have a nourishing, moisturizing, tightening effect.

7. Plaster face masks can be thermoplastic or modeling. Only experienced cosmetologists can carry out this procedure. These masks help to solve the problem of age-related changes in the skin.

8. Mineral face masks contain only natural ingredients: therapeutic mud and clay. These masks help to clean the pores. These masks help owners of problematic and oily skin to improve the condition of their skin.

9. Bubble face masks deeply cleanse the skin, saturate it with oxygen and remove toxins. Perfectly suitable for any skin type.

10. Biomatrix face masks are a modern product, which is an effective concentrate of biologically active substances. This mask looks like a piece of paper, from which the specialist separates small pieces and puts them on the face, slightly wetting them with water. The biomatrix may contain seaweed, collagen, and other components.

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