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PDO Mesothreads / Notched threads

PDO notched threads represent a category of mesothreads utilized in aesthetic medicine to uplift the skin and activate the body’s tissue regeneration mechanisms. These threads provide a skin-lifting effect by strengthening and supporting the tissues, while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, thus enhancing skin elasticity.

PDO notched threads are made from polydioxanone, a biodegradable material widely used in medicine, including sutures, due to its safety and excellent compatibility with the human body.

These threads have numerous small notches along their surface, which create additional stimulation and massaging effects, promoting regeneration processes within the tissues.

The gradual biodegradation of polydioxanone within the body over several months post-procedure contributes to the threads’ role in facilitating natural tissue regeneration, the generation of fresh collagen, and the formation of new capillaries.

PDO notched threads provide long-lasting effects, maintaining the lifting and skin-enhancing effects for 6-12 months, with their collagen-stimulating effect lasting even longer.

We encourage cosmetologists to explore threads, available for purchase in our store:

Rainbow. PDO threads (Cog Type: 3D) | 1 pouch (20 pcs) – box (5 pouches*20 pcs): Rainbow threads stimulate fibroblasts and collagen proliferation, providing a lifting effect attributed to thread degradation. They enhance blood circulation, refine skin tone, improve elasticity, and help with skin restoration and rejuvenation. Non-surgical skin lifting aims to deliver long-lasting results with immediate effects.

Thanks to their safety and minimally invasive nature, the insertion procedure of PDO notched threads involves thin needles or cannulas. It typically does not require neither general anesthesia or extensive recovery time.

Procedures involving PDO notched threads should only be carried out by experienced cosmetologists, and our company is ready to support them in utilizing the most innovative and superior products and high-quality threads for the best procedural outcomes.

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