Nithya Type 1 equine collagen / 1 ampoule x 70 mg (3pcs in box)


Collagen is the main protein in connective tissue. It helps to maintain the firmness, tone and turgidity of the skin, making it a valuable ally against skin ageing. Collagen is therefore one of the main factors that help to maintain a healthy skin. With advancing age, the synthesis of new collagen decreases, and its degradation increases. The supply of type I Collagen in the dermis stimulates the cells used for its production, called fibroblasts, to reproduce generating neo-collagen. Because the contribution of collagen from the outside is effective it is important that this maintains perfectly the characteristics of the native one even after its extraction. The production technology must absolutely respect its biological structure, strictly maintaining its purity with the absence of chemical residues.

Directions for use

ilute the collagen powder in the 70 mg bottle using 5 ml of saline or double distilled water, mixing until a suspension is formed.
NITHYA must be made into a suspension immediately before use and should be treated as disposable. Apply with small calibre needles (30G) into the deep dermis or dermal epidermal junction, using micro-bridges. Spread the product over the area to be treated and then perform a light massage.

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