Dr. Marina Egorova, St. Petersburg (Russia)

Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist
>15 years of work experience.
Cadaver courses, courses of urgent conditions, and BTA workshops organizer, moderator, and coach.
Coach, speaker, and host of international webinars.

Dr. Renat Akhmerov

I’ve been practising as plastic and maxillofacial surgeor for 19 years. At the same time, I’ve been constantly leading teaching and scientific work.

I’ve practised as maxillofacial and plastic surgeor, oncologist “head and neck”, scientist.

I devote much attention to Plasmolifting TM technology (plasmolifting or PRP therapy), because I’ve worked out this therapy myself with my collegue and friend Roman Zarudii.

Korotkova Olga Igorevna

Doctor dermatocosmetologist, trichologist.
Developer of Plasmolifting Gel Therapy -technology.
Main specialist of Plasmolifting company in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology.
Member of Russian Society of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists.

Author of 5 patents dedicated to modern methods of treatment of age-related skins changes.
Author of more than 40 scientific publications related to treatment of dermatological diseases, as well as aesthetic correction.
Speaker of Russian and international congresses.

Dr. Yukina Yulia Anatolievna

Dermatolovenereologist, cosmetologist, qualified specialist of threadlifting, volume remodelling of soft facial skin tissues, plasmotherapy, pharmocological mesotherapy, laser therapy, physiotherapy in aesthetic medicine.

Speaker and deputy of international congresses.

Head physician of “Italian clinics PHP System”.

Aleksandra Lifsica (Latvia)

Certified beautician with medical education.

Services: Injection techniques for face and body, threadlifting, plasmolifting, plasmogel.

Face and Body modelling using beauty equipment techniques

Zanna Tarvida (Latvia)

1998 – graduated from Riga Medical College, specified in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (obstetrician). 1998-2006 – worked at emergency department of Central Hospital in Dobele. 2008 – theoretic and practical course «Basis of mesotherapy: face and body» (40 hours). 2008-2011 – individual practice in Latvia. From 2011 – practice “Zanna Tarvida Beauté”, Oslo, Norway.

Additional education:

Training classes of biorevitalization, plasmolifting, fillers, peelings, threads, roller.
Master in thread techniques Aptos.

Denis Yurevich Ryabov


. Active member of APRASVR . Certified APTOS trainer. Specialist of minimally invasive surgical correction in cosmetology.

Korkunda, Svetlana – combustiologist

Specialist in reconstructive and plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, candidate in medical sciences, Associate Professor at the department of combustiology, reconstructive and plastic surgery of the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Author of more than 40 research papers in domestic and foreign publications, including training materials for doctors.

As of 2013 – certified Aptos-trainer in Ukraine.

Irina Bashura

Native fluency in Ukrainian and Russian, pre-intermediate in English. Pharmacist-cosmetologist, assistant of drugexpert evaluation. Doctor dermatologist. Member of the All-Ukrainian. Public Association of Cosmetologists and Aromaologists. Director of the chain of beauty salons Uslada. Director of the only tredlifting school ID-BEAUTY
2014 Kharkov National University of Pharmacy (pharmacist, cosmetologist, graduate assistant of the department of drugs)
2013 Paramedic
2014 Doctor dermatologist

Dr. Dmitry Ponomarev

In 1993 successfully graduated from The Volgograd State Medical University Continued studies at clinical residency at the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics at The Volgograd State Medical Academy. In 1995 graduated with „Traumatology and Orthopedics, Reconstructive Surgery“. In 1997 graduated with „Endoscopy“ from departmental surgery of The Volgograd State Medical Academy. During 2000 was specialising in psychiatry and narcology at the Department of Psychiatry of The Volgograd State Medical Academy.

Natalja Markova

Dermatologist, aesthetic dermatologist, active participant dermatology congresses, specialist for injections of BTA, HA fillers and collagenstimulators. Certificate instructor for Plasma Jett Lift Medical, Aptos and Dr. Korman Laboratories. Member of Aesthetics’ Injection Association. General Manager of site of aesthetic clinics Esthetic Line Clinic and Aquabody, organizer of cadaver master classes in Prague and Bratislava.

Alexander Turkevych

Alexander Turkevych – dermatologist venereologist, oncologist, senior lecturer of Department of outpatient care, family medicine and dermatology, venerology of Danylo Halytsky L’viv National Medical University, Professor of dermatolovenereology of Marconi University (Rome).

Yudin Mihail

Yudin Mihail – member of European and Ukrainian association of dermatologists and venerologists, Doctor of Medical Science, dermatocosmetologist, experienced lecturer, author of patents in cosmetology. The head of Clinique «Doctor’s Yudin».