Plasmolifting in cosmetology and trichology: Basic course for specialists of aesthetic medicine.

Lecturer is Korotkova Olga Igorevna – dermatolovenereologist, cosmetologist, trichologist, specialist of injection and laser methods. Main specialist of Plasmolifting company in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology; developer of Plasmolifting Gel -technology.

  1. Historical and theoretical aspects of use of autologous plasma in medicine. Physiological and clinical characteristics of blood. Growth factors. Why do we need them? Hypotheses of action of autologous plasma. Morphological argumentation of use of autologous plasma in medicine.
  2. Technical, financial and administrative support of the method – distinctive features of Plasmolifting technology. Characteristics of tubes, anticoagulants, centrifuges.
  3. Indications, contraindications, methods of injection. Protocols of concomitant use.
  4. Plasmolifting Native – launch physiological regeneration. Indications, protocols of concomitant use in treatment of aesthetic skin regeneration. Native form – base treatment in cosmetology.
  5. Plasmolifting Viscosae – protein deficiency recovery. Introduction to protein structures. Indications, areas for injection, methods of injection.
  6. Plasmolifting GelTherapy – what for? Etiotropic treatment of wrinkles. Indications, methods of injection, tricks of injection.
  7. Bioengineering cosmetics – Plasmolifting in vivo.
  8. Plasmolifting in dermatology and onichology.
  9. Acne and rosacea.
  10. Hair loss.
  11. Plasmolifing Body – monotherapy and concomitant use in rejuvenation and correction of body.
  12. Possibilities of use of the method in restorative medicine, gynecology, orthopaedics, dentistry and neurology.
  13. Practical Skills Training. Questions and answers.

During the course you will learn how to use plasmolifting in your practical work, get to know about concomitant protocols; in the same way you will get possibilities to treat aesthetic problems of your patients in safe and autologous way.



  • 150€ Theory
  • 350€ Theory + practice

Price includes:

  • Theory + master class
  • Practice (on own model) – (the model may pay for the procedure and materials themselves)
  • 4 vacuum tubes


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