03.06 Helsinki丨04.06 Tallinn丨10.06 Riga – APTOS TRAINING

Intensive training for beginner specialists-cosmetologists and doctors who were left with some questions unanswered after the previous courses.

Lecturer is Dr. Dmitry Ponomarev – MD, Plastic Surgeon.

Theoretical part
Thread technologies in the work of a cosmetologist

  • Thread classification
  • Thread material requirements. Finding your way around the abundance of offers

Types of Aptos threads used by cosmetologists (from easiest methods to difficult ones). 

  • Nano (Vitis, Spring)
  • Excellence (Eleganse, Visage, Body)
  • Light lift (Thread 2G, Needle 2G, Spring)

Practical part

Certainly takes place at the OR with the learners present (which is why our groups are always small, 8–10 persons) with a detailed demonstration on preparing the room, the instruments and the patient for the procedure.

  • implantation of the Nano threads (neck, forehead and mouth-surrounding regions)
  • implantation of the Excellence Visage Soft or Visage threads (depending on the age of the patient)
  • implantation of the Thread 2G thread (face contour)
  • implantation of the Needle 2G threads (area under the chin)
  • implantation of the Excellence Body threads (shoulder and armpit region, décolletage region)
  • implantation of the Excellence Body threads (stomach, inner thighs, region above the knees)

The training is carried out in a very understandable format, 100% of the participants use Aptos technologies in their cosmetology practice!


  • 150€ Theory
  • 350€ Theory + practice

03.06 Helsinki丨04.06 Tallinn丨10.06 Riga


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E-mail: karina.vinstein@cutismedical.com

Number of participants is limited!

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