17.02.17          HELSINKI

18.02.17          TALLINN

19.02.17          RIGA

Intensive training for beginner specialists-cosmetologists and doctors who were left with some questions unanswered after the previous courses

Theoretical part (10.00–12.30)

Thread technologies in the work of a cosmetologist

  • Thread classification
  • Thread material requirements. Finding your way around the abundance of offers


Types of Aptos threads used by cosmetologists (from easiest methods to difficult ones). Instalment peculiarities related to anatomically compact structures. How to increase the tightening effect?

  • Nano (Vitis, Spring)
  • Excellence (Eleganse, Visage, Body)
  • Light lift (Thread 2G, Needle 2G, Spring)

Combining thread methods with each other and with other cosmetic procedures with various levels of implantation!


Practical part (13.00–18.00)

Certainly takes place at the OR with the learners present (which is why our groups are always small, 8–10 persons) with a detailed demonstration on preparing the room, the instruments and the patient for the procedure.

  • implantation of theExcellence Visage Soft or Visage threads (depending on the age of the patient), implantation of the Nano threads (neck, forehead and mouth-surrounding regions)
  • implantation of theThread 2G thread (face contour)
  • implantation of the Needle 2G threads (area under the chin)
  • implantation of theExcellence Body threads (shoulder and armpit region, décolletage region)
  • implantation of the Excellence Body threads (stomach, inner thighs,region above the knees)


The training is carried out in a very understandable format, 100% of the participants use Aptos technologies in their cosmetology practice!


To become a participant of master-class, you should register by e-mail karina.vinstein@cutismedical.com or via +372 (5373) 7542


Cost of the participation:   Nano Threads 150.-          Excellence Visage, Threads 2g    350.-

Theory + Master-class

Minimum 2 Model for 1 Doctor, Nurse


Number of participants is limited!

Location FINLAND: Lääkärikeskus EuroMedfin, Itämerenkatu 11EF, 1krs.

Location ESTONIA: Grand Beauty Clinic, Pirita tee 26c, Tallinn

Location LATVIA: Firsa Sadovņikova iela 20, A ieeja, 4.st., 413.kab.

To Participate you should Register by contacting to:








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