59 Degreasing Solution 200ml


Acid Peels are technologically advanced chemical peelings intended for use only by plastic surgeons and aesthetic medicine doctors, dermatologists, and specialists with a diploma in cosmetology. They guarantee exfoliation of the highest quality and effectiveness. They constitute a perfect solution for numerous skin problems of the face and body. The accumulated power of a high concentration of the ingredients, a unique recipe and low pH level, is what make Acid Peels a perfect tool for a professional treatment. Six types of peelings ensure renewal and regeneration of a mature skin. They brighten and even the color of a grey, or discolored skin, as well as normalize and reduce imperfections and scars on an oily skin, or with stretch marks. Acid Peels are adjusted for different skin types, in different ages. Quick and long-lasting results are a perfect alternative for the painful, invasive treatments. A detailed description regarding the use of Acid Peels can be found in training materials. Before performing the exfoliation, it is necessary to run the skin diagnostics, and make sure there are no contraindications. It is an exceptionally important step, because it guarantees the best results and full safety. Providing comprehensive information about the possible side effects (burning, tingling, pinching), which can occur during the treatment, will give comfort to the Client.

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